Sunday, May 22, 2011

Garden Conservancy's Open Days - Dallas Part 1

The Garden Conservancy's Open Days tour of Dallas gardens was Saturday. Two of the gardens were in Oak Cliff and three were in Dallas. This post will feature the gardens in Oak Cliff and a follow up post will feature the Dallas gardens.

The Munsterman Garden was the first stop. According to tour materials, the owner is a garden contractor. 
The front yard features sun loving plants near the street, including Agave and purple coneflower.

Shade loving plants grow under the large trees near the house.

In the backyard this fence constructed of hog panel and cedar separated the vegetable garden from the rest of the yard. Off to the side of the vegetable garden was a chicken coop. I did not get any other pictures of the backyard because it was so full of people. A flyer on a table indicated that this house would be on the market for sale soon.

Back in the front yard, it appears the owner continued his streetside garden in front of the neighbor's house. I thought the curved copper riser for the sprinkler head was creative. 

The Row and Ramirez Garden is in the historic Kessler Park area.  

The mid-1920s house is surrounded by expansive terraced gardens. The garden is much too formal and labor intensive for my tastes, but it suits the house.

It seemed that there were miles of hedged boxwoods and dwarf yaupon hollies.

These were trimmed in a chainlink design with loropetalum in the center. Off to the right,  the hydrangea on either side of the stairs are shaded by their own umbrellas.

The stairs going up to the front door are lined with potted plants.

This is a water feature near the pool.

This is another water feature at the back of the property. It looks like it could date back to the early days of the house. 

After leaving the fenced area surrounding the house, I walked the sidewalk in front of the house and noticed this feature hidden on the far side of the garden. It looks like Poseidon once presided over a terraced water feature, but now each section is planted with flowers. 


  1. What a lovely places to visit. Wonderful pictures and i really enjoyed this post. Thank you for sharing…

  2. The Munsterman garden was one of my favorites on this tour. I loved the various garden rooms and inviting seating areas. And I felt as you did about the mansion garden: it was fun to see, but it wasn't as relatable as the smaller gardens. I look forward to seeing more of your tour pics soon. I'll have posts up every day this week about the various gardens.

  3. It was a perfect day! Partly cloudy and not too warm.

    Great Photos!


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