Sunday, July 26, 2009

EARTHQUAKE!!! - The Sequal

We've had a couple of brief, light rains over the last couple of weeks that did no more than make the air more humid. As a result, the cracks in the prairie continue to grow.
These cracks are two inches across and...
10.5 inches deep. That is some deep soil aeration.
Even in the dry, cracked soil, the natives seem pretty happy. The leaves on some of the less drought tolerant plants wilt in the afternoon sun, but they perk up as soon as they get some shade.
We have chances of rain every day this week. Maybe we will get enough to close up some of the cracks. I am starting to get concerned that I will stand near one of the cracks and the soil under my feet will give way. I could fall in and never be heard from again.
Plants in the photos: Little Bluestem, Four-Nerve Daisy, Winecup, Rock Penstemon, Blackeyed Susan, Agave, and Salvia coccinea.