Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I saw something in the vegetable garden that I have not seen before. 
At first, I thought it was a bee and then I noticed that it was another insect eating a bee.

It did not take much internet research to identify this predator as a robber fly.  

According to the Smithsonian Insider, there are over 7,000 identified varieties of robber flies. The color and pattern of some robber flies mimic other insects. This one looks similar to a bumble bee. Robber flies catch their prey in flight and inject their victims with venomous saliva. The saliva kills the prey and liquefies its insides. Then, the robber fly sucks out the juices. 

While we are in the vegetable garden. This is one of two remaining tatume squash plants. They have been attacked by squash vine borers and squash bugs, but they are still hanging on. I covered some of the vines with soil in hopes that they will root and produce more vines.

Here is one of the round fruits. They are pretty tasty if you have not tried them before. 

And this is a volunteer plant that came up in my asparagus bed this year. I found a couple of others in the backyard. I assume this is poison ivy sprouted from seeds deposited by birds. Leaves of three, leave it be. But not for too long. I need to get rid of it before it takes hold and spreads.