Friday, May 21, 2010

Lawn Care Service

I don’t understand why lawn care service companies keep leaving their flyers on my front door.
I trimmed back my little bluestem in March. My flower are growing exactly where I planted them and where they reseeded on their own. If a flower comes up where I do not want it, I pull it up. I pull up weeds as soon as I see them. In fact, I have fewer weeds (unwanted plants) than my neighbors have in their lawns.
Why would a lawn care company think I needed their services? And what could they do for me anyway? Mow down all of my native flowers and prairie grasses? Or even worse, spray them with chemical fertilizers and pesticides? Make me conform to the suburban standard? If they did that, where would all my butterflies, dragonflies, birds, and lizards live?
No, I have no use for a lawn care service. I will take care of this plot of land I call a prairie on my own and with a little help from nature.


  1. And you'll have the most interesting garden on the street, as well as the healthiest.

    Lovely pictures. I'm hoping you'll post pix often this summer so we can see the progression (hint).

  2. Kathleen, I could post pictures all day long. I just can't think of any interesting words to go with the pictures. Words seem obligatory on a blog. You do a great job of it at your blog.

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  4. I just had to laugh when I read your post. We got rid of our lawn over 5 years ago and replaced it with Florida native plants and a rain garden. I still have lawn companies leaving flyers...and knocking on the door. Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks this is crazy.


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