Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chicken Coop Tour

Yes, I am a slow blogger. I attended the A Peep at the Coops urban chicken coop tour in East Dallas on April 18 and I am just now getting around to making the post. Why? Because I would rather be gardening and attending gardening events than sitting at my computer and typing. So, a month later, here is the post.

Interest in backyard chicken farming is growing in Dallas, especially in the area around White Rock Lake. The tour was an interesting opportunity to see the different breeds of chickens and sneak a peek into people’s backyards. Several of the chicken farmers had nice gardens or ponds so it was like a coop, garden, and pond tour all in one.

The stop in the photo above was one of the most popular on the tour. The owner builds chicken coups that are sold at local nurseries. Not only were there chickens on this stop, there were...
turkeys and goats (not pictured). I did not expect to see so many farm animals in a residential area of Dallas.
Here is a pond that was at another stop on the tour. The pond was built on a slope and was surrounded by Japanese maples and other lush vegetation.
The next stop was the home of Mariana Greene, a garden columnist for the Dallas Morning News. The small backyard was packed full of plants, pond and chickens. The Chinese snowball (Viburnum macrocephalum) by the house was eye-catching. Mariana frequently writes about her chickens in her column, so I will not give them any additional press in this blog. Since their adoring public was clamoring at their cage and I did not get an opportunity to visit with them anyway.
I did get a look at some of the colorful eggs produced by Mariana's chickens.

I thought this metal winged dragon sculpture was interesting. As I recall, it was around 8 feet tall.

This rabbit caught my eye because the pattern on its side looks like a rabbit. Do you see it or is it just me?

Since this was a chicken coop tour, here are a few pictures of the many chicken breeds on display. Sorry about the quality. Chickens do not keep still and it is difficult focusing through chicken wire.

The chicken coop above had curtains. I guess chickens need their privacy. Actually, the owner said she closed them during cold weather to help keep the chickens warm.

For the record, I do not have any interest in raising chickens. Besides, although chickens are legal in Dallas, they are not permitted in Plano. I would not mind if some prairie chickens or quail wanted to take up residency in my prairie—if they could survive the neighborhood cats.

This weekend is the Garden Conservancy's Open Days Tour in Dallas. Maybe I will post some photos before next month, slow blogger that I am.


  1. Looks like fun. I'm interested in chickens but Denny says it would end up costing $25 an egg by the time we did coop, predator-proof fence, etc. and he wouldn't muck out the coop...

  2. A couple from my master gardener's group were going to the tour, too. I'd never heard of it before they mentioned it. Your photos were great; the peafowl were beautiful!


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