Monday, March 16, 2009

Wildflower Walk at Connemara Meadow Preserve

There was a guided wildflower walk at Connemara on Sunday. We really only saw two kinds of wildflowers. I think it is still a little early for them. The dry weather (before last week's rain) probably did not help matters either.

The Rowlett Creek subsided after the rains. The you could tell from the debris line how high the creek rose as a result of the rain.

Several types of butterflies were flying around the meadow. This was the only one that sat still long enough to be photographed.

One of the few wildflowers blooming on Sunday. The Ten Petal Anemone. According to our guide, they may have between eight and thirteen petals.

The other blooming wildflower was the Golden Groundsel. I bought one at a native plant sale last year to put under my oak tree. It is blooming now too.
Another Golden Groundsel deeper in the woods.

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