Monday, March 16, 2009

Belated Bloom Day

So, there is this monthly event in the world of garden blogging called Bloom Day. It occurs on the 15th. This will be my first Bloom Day post and, of course, I am a day late. There is not much blooming right now, but since we had a good rain and temps are rising, things should start growing more.

Mexican Buckeye or Texas Buckeye. This one is in a pot and waiting to stretch its roots out in the soil. I have another in the ground, but it is not blooming yet.
This is my Golden Goundsel. This one must be in stress because it has aphids. I sprayed them with a stream of water last week, but a few held on. Ants are milking the aphids.

Ah, the four nerve daisies. They bloom non-stop, all year long. As long as I have them, I will always have at least one bloom on Bloom Day.

Buffalo Currant. This is its third year in my garden and no fruit yet. Maybe this year.

The Texas Betony is beginning to bloom.

Now for the non-Texan residents of the garden. Summer Snowflake.

This is Kerria.

OK. The calendar is marked for April 15. Maybe I will be on time.


  1. ooh, lots of yellow in your garden. And very familiar plants. Great pics. Glad you joined in!

  2. That poor potted buckeye, it should be in my yard! hehe

  3. Hey, neighbor! I've never heard of nerve daisies before. Now, they're on my list of things to hunt for at the nursery.


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