Saturday, May 7, 2016

Celebrating World Naked Gardening Day

World Naked Gardening Day (slight caution with the link) is the first Saturday in May and is a time to garden as nature intended. So, I will be out in the garden today wearing my gloves and doing a few chores. 

Today is also the next to the last day of National Wildflower Week. With all this exposed skin, I am too busy swatting mosquitoes to take pictures of all of the wildflowers in my garden, but I was able to get a picture of a columbine and milkweed.

Enjoy your garden and the wildflowers today and every day, how ever you may choose.


  1. Somehow I always manage to avoid this garden event. I did get to enjoy National Wildflower Week with a few wildflower walks. I need to give Antelope Horn milkweed another try and now that deer are banned from the back garden I might even add columbine too.

  2. Yeah, I did not participate either. I like a layer between me and nature, especially when insects and pointy plants are involved. I wish I could get more antelope horn milkweed to grow. This plant popped up unexpectedly and I have not been able to get any of the seeds from this plant to sprout.

  3. I haven't tried antelope horn yet, but I did have success cold stratifying tuberosa and swamp milkweed. It took a few weeks after the cold for them to germinate but so far they are doing well. If you haven't tried that you might with the antelope horns.

    1. Misti, I have tried to let the seeds sprout as they would naturally. I may have to try cold stratification to improve my odds. Thanks for letting me know it worked for you.


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