Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sigh. Goodbye Spring Flowers

My spring flower show is over. I was just pounded by quarter to golf ball sized hail. 

I was going to post pictures of bluebonnets this week.

I have a feeling that the garden will look nothing like this tomorrow, but I am sure I will get a new roof for the house.


  1. oh no! My twitter feed was full of hail stories last night. Not sure what happened here in greater Houston as it all came through around 4 am. I hope some flowers were left for you!

  2. OMG...that's awful, I'm so sorry :-( Hopefully the damage isn't quite as bad as it looks initially.

  3. Nooooo! I am so sorry. What devastating timing...

    It looks quite similar to what happened in Austin area last year. The only bright spot I can offer is that this spring, aside from a few masses of the most vulnerable plants being reduced in numbers, most of the evidence of that storm's damage has been erased. Garden life is so persistent! But then as a Texan, you already knew that...

  4. Thanks for the comments. See the latest post for an update. It looks pretty bad now, but it will all grow back.

  5. Crap! I'm late catching up on blog reading and just saw this, but I'm hoping your next posts will show that things aren't so bad.


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