Friday, January 1, 2016

And A Happy New Year

The buffalo currant is welcoming the new year with a few out of season flowers. The flowers are most likely due to the crazy weather in 2015. 

We had a wet spring that filled the near empty lakes. People said the rain broke the drought, but the drought was just hiding. Once the spring rains stopped, we did not get any more until late October and then it was the beginning of another deluge. The year ended with a record rainfall total of over 62 inches. That is almost double our average amount. 

The year ended with a bang. December 26 was an extremely warm and humid day. When a cold front pushed through that evening, it kicked off at least 12 confirmed tornadoes just to the east of me. The tornadoes caused considerable property damage and took several lives. I was surprised to hear one reporter say that there were 76 confirmed tornadoes in the North Texas area in 2015.

Goodbye weather extremes of 2015. Bring on the "average" weather for 2016!

And now, the season of leaves and acorns begins.

Best wishes for a safe, healthy, and happy 2016.


  1. Happy New Year to you and your garden! Yes, a very strange weather year!

  2. Happy New Year, Michael. Yes, that weather has just about put me out of the garden business. :)

  3. I think we may be going to have to average these huge swings of drought and flood every year as well as get used to a few cold spells dropped into hot weather. Plants are doing the same thing all the way up to Virginia and Maryland. (that I've heard about) Glad to hear the tornados didn't get you.

  4. Relatives who live in your area reported a tornado touched down less than 7-8 miles away from their home. Not a great way to ring out a year, certainly. This coming year best see us all developing novel approaches to dealing with our increasingly inconsistent weather. And sharing them here on the blogosphere, of course. Happy 2016!

  5. Here's to an average 2016! What are the odds?


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