Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I was searching the internet for "Plano xeriscape" and saw a picture of my front garden and mailbox that I did not recognize. I clicked on the photo and, surprise, surprise, it turned out to be a video from a local news broadcast from September 5, 2013. 

The reporter interviewed a woman that lives one street over from me after the Texas Legislature passed a law requiring HOAs to allow drought tolerant landscaping. Video clips of my front garden appear throughout the interview.

That is my garden from 0:43-0:44, 0:54-0:57, 1:03-1:12 and 1:37-1:40. There were some nice shots of my mailbox and an exhaust vent on the roof too.

I never knew this happened. I wonder if they interviewed my neighbor and, as the reporter and camera crew were driving away, they saw my garden and the reporter screamed "Stop the van! A real little house on the prairie! Now, that's what I'm talkin' about!" 

Maybe she rang the doorbell, hoping to interview me. Who knows? That could have been my stepping stone to my own TV gardening show or at least a video on YouTube.

Sadly, I did not answer the door when destiny called because I was away at work. Sigh. I could have been a star.


  1. Too bad you weren't out there weeding -- or sitting and enjoying not having to mow! I haven't watched it yet to see what the neighbor said, but as the gardener your perspective on the new law would have been ideal.

  2. Cool story, Michael, it had to make a nice break from the usual shootings, robberies and political strife dominating the news broadcasts. Gardens have a way of doing that, especially yours.

  3. Nice to know that HOA are under some type of larger jurisdiction. Gardeners with 'atypical' lawns are growing by leaps and bounds here in Houston. Most are just wanting to do something different. Xeriscaping can be a beautiful experience. Isn't it weird to look up something on the internet and find yourself as the answer? I did this the other day while researching a plant. I'm always pleasantly surprised. I hope you're home next time. BTW: In the near future you'll be able to hook up your front door bell to your smart phone and 'answer' the doorbell while you are at work. David/:0)

  4. Nice story on the new law and they did seem to be in a hurry when they stopped by your place. Next time I hope they slow down and take time to enjoy your prairie.

    At least the story was about gardening, the first time my garden was on the news it was about an escapee from a juvenile facility hiding in the neighbor's back yard.

  5. Just makes COMMON SENSE to plant our wonderful natives!!!!!! :-) They need to interview YOU!

  6. I'm glad that HOAs are finally coming around to wise thinking. Unfortuately I can see where it all might lead unless the homeowner is an avid gardener like yourself and the lady in the video. I'll bet they did knock on your door first.


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