Thursday, April 5, 2012

Attention: Citizens of Plano, Texas

Lake Lavon is full and outside watering restrictions have been relaxed, but just because we CAN now water once a week does not mean we HAVE to water once a week. We had a good rain two days ago! The soil is moist. We don’t NEED to water now. If you want to have enough water for your landscape later in the summer, water only when the soil is dry and do not water by the calendar.

Other than hand watering transplants, I have not watered since early September and my garden is colorful and full of life. I am not bragging, just offering you something to think about.


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    1. Kaveh, they are the state flower of Texas. If there is one wildflower that everyone in Texas knows, it is the bluebonnet.

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    1. Mary, the bluebonnets are performing better than ever this year. Even self-professed lawn lovers have said my garden looks good this year and added that the bluebonnets were a nice touch. I think having a recognizable and familiar flower makes a difference for some people.

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    1. Collagemama, I lost track of the number of business and homeowners watering their lawns as I drove home on Thursday. It was completely unnecessary.

  4. Thanks for the bluebonnet fix. I'm currently working in Oregon where spring is occasionally peaking around the corner and then disappearing as another snow storm hits us. The only wildflowers I've found were about an inch high with blooms smaller than a fingernail.

    But there is hope. Word is spring can last through August.

  5. A long spring would be nice, Marilyn. I fear summer may be starting earlier than usual down here this year.


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