Monday, August 1, 2011


When I see uncomfortable Summertime forecasts like this:
I like to listen to comforting Summertime tunes like this:
Ah, Summertime.


  1. Funny, I used the same song in a post in June. Great minds think a like I guess.

  2. Greggo, I started with the idea of using "Too Darn Hot", but I could not find a version that I wanted to use. "Summertime" kept showing up in the suggestions so I decided to use the soothing song in contrast to the harsh temperatures. I started listening to Ella's music about a year ago and can't get enough. I saw your post in June, so maybe I subconsciously borrowed your idea.

  3. These temps are getting ridiculous! I am hoping my plants will make it through this week - and that next week will be cooler!

  4. Love your banner, it makes your prairie look deceptively cool!
    Wanted to say how much I enjoy the slideshow of butterflies and creatures on your sidebar.
    Stay cool!

  5. Woohoo! We broke another record today! 110 degrees! Keep hoping for that cooler weather, Holley. Thanks Nola. That banner picture was taken in mid-July last year. It was much cooler than it is now.

  6. funny...I was playing that same song the other day while working on a post for my blog...granted...your weather warrants it more than ours! I seriously don't know how you do it...I can barely remember what it's like to be so hot...yikes! Keep cool (inside) and you're in good company with Ella ;-)

  7. Oof. It's hotter up there than here in the Hill Country south of you. At least you've had rain in recent memory...

  8. Scott, you know what it is like to get a blast heat when you open a hot oven? That is what it is like when you open a door to go outside. We broke another record and hit 109 today. It is still 100 degrees at 10 PM. I am jealous of your cool weather.

    You are welcome, Collagemama. I love that version of the song.

    Hi Kathleen. Rain? What's that? I vaguely remember something about that in early June.

  9. I see that your drought is also getting worse and you may yet join the rest of Texas in extreme drought.

    But the good news is that your native plants will come back when the rains dome, while your neighbors who can't water enough will lose their immigrant plants.

    I'm spending my days as a volunteer hauling about 1200 gallons of water a day to try and keep 400+ newly planted trees alive at Anahuac NWR so I know your pain.

  10. We are catching up quickly, mkircus. The extreme heat is drying out every bit of moisture that is left in the soil.

    My natives are tough. They are not especially pretty right now, but tough. Since they are relatively new transplants, I do give them some occasional water to make sure they do not get too dry.

    Good luck keeping those trees moist. That sounds like some hard work.

  11. Yes, well the temperatures certainly aren't easy for TX or OK this summer. It's been the worst summer in a very long time. I went to Seattle to get away from it. :) Nice blog.~~Dee

  12. Hi, Dee. Yes, it is a tough summer. I hope you are one of the lucky ones getting some rain in OK. We are still hot and dry here and continuing to break temperature records here in TX.


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