Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All Natural Landscaping

I wonder how many people with natural or native landscapes - no matter how well designed or maintained - have neighbors that think they live next door to something like this.

Here is another video about an invasive species that is taking over many gardens.

Guess who learned how to post videos in a blog.


  1. You're funny.

    I'm guessing you have no gnomes. Any other kinds of yard art?

  2. Oh sh1t, I planted one of those in my yard. I should have known better than to buy from a big box store on an impulse purchase. ;)

    Gardeners sure do get bored in February!

  3. Kathleen, I have a large rock. Does that count as yard art? Oh, I have birdbaths too.

    Michelle, you should try pink flamingos. They were originally native to the US, but they probably come from China now. Gnomes are native to Germany but they probably come from China now too.

  4. Too funny! I re-posted it on my blog. We have to get the word out!


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