Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Plant Sales

There are several plant sales coming up for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I don’t necessarily “need” any more plants, but I can’t resist a sale. Sales that focus on native plants are particularly hard to pass up.

There are still so many native plants that are not cultivated for the nursery trade. I always go to sales with the hope of finding something new to try. Who knows, I could find another great plant like Four Nerve Daisy.

 Here is a link to a listing of several upcoming sales. I will be hitting sales in Fort Worth, Denton, and McKinney on Saturday. That should put a couple of miles on the car.


  1. Have you ever shopped at Redenta's in Dallas? That's were I work. We have a pretty great selection of native perennials, shrubs, etc. I just got the native butterfly bush (buddleia marrubifolia) recently. Don't have a place for it yet, but it should do fine in its pot for awhile considering it doesn't like much water.


  2. Curtis, I usually stop at Redenta's if I am in the area or when there when there is a big sale. I will look for you the next time I am in the store.

  3. My husband thinks plant sales are dangerous. Lady Bird Wildflower Center has two a year and members get first crack...he won't let me go alone since the time I came home with 11 trees and 14 bushes (which was all I could cram in the car). But I couldn't find a Carolina Buckthorn anywhere else and Possumhaw Hollies were in short supply, etc.

  4. I was good. I only bought an elderberry bush, a pitcher sage and some chocolate daisies.


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