Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Snow

About five inches of snow covered the Prairie on the second day of Spring.

Above are the newly planted Yucca pallida that replace two Agave americana that were damaged by the winter weather.

Here is an interesting snow drift caused by the strong winds blowing around a spineless prickly pear. I do not know the variety. It was sold as "Wimpy Prickly Pear". I relocated this cactus after removing an agave. The brown specks on the snow are chaff from surrounding oaks leafing out.

The flower of a four nerve daisy pokes through the snow. Looks like the rabbits nibbled on a few petals.

The backyard Prairie. The drifts along the fence were over three feet high.

A junco seeks shelter in the Flowering Senna, Senna corymbosa. This senna may have succumbed to the cold or at least died to the roots. It is a native of Argentina and is considered to be somewhat sensitive to cold weather.

Temperatures are expected to be in the 60s tomorrow, so the snow should be gone by the time I get home from work. Maybe Spring will begin in earnest now.


  1. What a gorgeous yard you have! I just found your blog from your message at Native Suburbia, and I'll be eagerly following!

    I'm jealous of all your snow. Up here in Massachusetts, we had remarkably little snow this year, and instead, for the second time in two weeks, we are having flooding.

  2. Hi Michelle. Thanks for the comments. I will have to stop by your blog and see what is going on in your yard. Hope you stay high and dry.


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