Wednesday, January 6, 2010


An Arctic front is blowing through and temperatures are expected to stay below freezing for 60 hours or more. These will be the coldest temperatures the DFW area has seen in several years.

I am not too concerned about my plants because most are native to the region and they have already been through a few cold spells this season to harden them off. I moved the yet-to-be-planted plants that are still in pots to the covered patio for some protection. I have a few plants from South and Central America that are in the ground. They are on their own. If they don’t make it, there will be room for new plants this spring!

My rain barrels are full of water and will probably freeze solid. I hope the expansion of the ice does not cause cracks in the plastic.

Stay warm.


  1. It's cold here too--had a skim of ice in the bird bath at 5pm today with the sun still shining!

    I deep-watered yesterday the perennial beds around the house and have covered young plants but feel the same way you do about the big boys.

    Hadn't thought about rain barrels freezing. Could you let some of it out so there is room to expand?

  2. Did your barrels freeze? We want to know!

  3. Mr. Anonymous (aka Matthew) and Kathleen, the barrels did freeze solid. They are a molded plastic construction and I was most concerned about the nipples at the bottom where the hose connects. The ice finally melted earlier this week and it appears the rain barrels escaped unscathed. Thank you for your concern.


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