Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Try Something New in 2009

It is a new year and I thought I would try something new to broaden my horizons. In this electronic age, everyone seems to have a blog, or some other online outlet so I decided to start my own blog of to share my inner-most thoughts, feelings and, maybe, some of my poetry.

Not likely!

I recently found several great Austin area garden blogs and thought something along that line would be a better topic for a blog than my thoughts, feelings, and poetry.

My ever-changing, ever-expanding, suburban garden started almost five years ago. The focus is on Texas native plants, with a few adapted, non-Texans. My latest garden obsession is growing the grasses of the Blackland Prairie.

This blog experiment will follow my adventures in gardening and provide documentation that my landscape is planned and intentional...just in case a Code Enforcement Officer comes knocking on my door and threatens me with a citation if I do not mow my weeds.


  1. Welcome to the land of Texas bloggers! Though I now garden in Austin, I grew up in the DFW area and still enjoy checking in from time to time to see what's happening. I look forward to seeing your gardens and flowers flourish. Robin at Getting Grounded

  2. You've transformed your lot in so many good ways. Thanks for commenting at Digging recently and letting me know you're here. I look forward to following along with your gardening adventures.

  3. how much do you water your turks cap? I'm thinking of putting some in but heard it needs moist soil and I want something really drought tolerant. (I live in SW Dallas.)

  4. Hello Anonymous. I watered no more than four times last year and the turks cap did fine. It is rather drought tolerant once established, but may not fall in the "really drought tolerant" category. If it gets some shade, it could probably stand more drought. The one in the picture above is in full sun and had one inch cracks in the clay soil around it.

  5. Thanks Bluestem. I was thinking i'd put it under a tree.
    Watering only four times a year sounds pretty good. We have to be gone for long periods sometimes. Renters and house sitters don't always water. We're a little inconsistant too at times.


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